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July 29, 2011


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Wow, that's a cool challenge! And a great idea... Earlier this week I noticed that your pages were becoming more (what can I call it...) 'painty' :-) Looking forward to see what you come up with!


I'm in. This is gonna be fun!


I'm definitely in. . . I completely need a creative jump start.

Michelle Remy

I'm in! I have a show scheduled to hang in October and ZERO done! *hanging head in shame* This will be an excellent motivator! I've been following your chit-chat on Twitter and was hoping you'd do this...yay!


what a wonderful challenge.. i am in!!

Marja/Miss Deerest

yeah, perfect for me since i´m struggling a bit with painting.. need some pushing. I´m in!!!

Carol P

Sounds like a great challenge. Would love to participate but don't have a blog to post the pictures on. Have fun and I hope I get to see some of the paintings through Dina's blog. I will be painting right along with you on the sidelines.

Ruth Bernal

Of course I sign up! two great artists and a challenge? wow amazing!
Ruth xoxo


I would probably not have the time for 2 a week.. BUT I could certainly need the push.. =)

Little Raven Ink

popped over from Samies blog, bought my two canvases for week one today so I'm in!
xx Courtney

linda Sloterdijk

ohhh this sounds like fun but "sadly" :-))))I am on vacation and didn`t bring canvas with me . Mhhhh maybe I use the back of my cornflakes box.

Maggie Warke

sounds like fun Dina, like the idea of being loosey goosey! got my canvases ready I'll try to keep up! x Maggie

Jen Matott

Canvas is my favorite surface to work on!!!! I'm in!


What a fantastic challenge! I just feel like I MUST give it a try! Not sure if I will be able to complete all of the tasks, but at least I will try :) Also, my entry should not be counted for a prize draw - won't be able to participate in class anyway! Thanks so much again! kissinia

Kelly Turner

I am going to go buy my canvases today! I am looking at this as a great opportunity to work with fabulous artists and challenge myself! Couldn't be better! thanks so much, I am in! Kelly


um. why didn't you tell me about this the other day?
i am so in.


Just the push I might need to go mega-canvas. Thanks Dina. you have the BEST ideas.


Sounds like a great idea. Several weeks ago I have two small canvas on my desk, but I find it hard to start with them. It's the second week, but I think it's never too late to start, right?


Hi There..Im new here and may start this week..I hope thats ok..I love what youve done already...they look awesome..i just adore those big flowers on the last canvas...De..Li..cious..!

Katie L Cavanaugh (Mrs. C)

I just posted my first canvas for week 2! Was not sure where we should post *Grin*

I did this here:

Enjoy. ^^

Lula Pomme

Please tell me you are going to do this another month! I just saw your info on Julie's site as I just started Art Journal Every Day this past January and I feel very ready to move on into canvas! If you plan to do this for another month please let me know! Thanks!!!

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