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July 30, 2011


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Awesome! Thanks for the chance. Break a leg!


How very cool! How fun to be able to see you in action again :)

Jen Matott

That is so fun! Congrats for being filmed! Love that punch!

Carol P

Congratulations! Will have to check out their website - they obviously have good taste - lol. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win and I can't wait to see what you have done with them. Something fantastic I am sure.


I remember seeing Joy on the old scrapbooking show with Sandy Genovese. (I miss Sandy!) Will look for you!


That's awesome!!! I can't wait to see it! I just liked them on facebook. :) Thanks for the chance!

Dale Anne Potter

CONGRATULATIONS on the TV appearance Dina!


Please, please pick me!!! I love you Dina!! I will look at the website right now.

jessica loughrey

can't wait to see your episode!! congrats!

Jane Eileen

Fab-YOU-lous! do keep us posted so we don't miss it. I'm so excited for you! And how nice for you to team up to make this opportunity possible!


Congrats on the episode! Very exciting.

I have not heard of that show (I don't really watch PBS), but I am going to check it out now.


What an awesome give-away! Always love more spray inks.

Lisa Barrie

Congrats I will be watching out for you segment.


What fun!! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


So cool! Can't wait to see your episode. Now that you're almost famous, will you still talk to us lesser folk? Lol!

Carrie K

you cutie tv star :) congrats on the fun opportunity!

Andrea MacDonald

You look fabulous!!! What a great opportunity for you!!!!

laurie b

can't wait until your show airs - i'm sure it was quite the experience!

Petra Offrell

Exciting - takeing my chance here :)


Cute prize package! And congrats on your TV spot!

Marilyn J. Rock

What an opportunity for you! Looking forward to the show's airing! Congratulations!

Delia w

Awesome!!!!! Scrappers take over the world - one episode at a time.. Enjoy the opportunity.


congrats! only good things for you!

Ruth Bernal

Hi Dina!
First, congratulations, a challenging incredible for you, get on TV!
I know you put that at international level could not send the packet, but if by chance I came out, I'm taking full shipping cost! so I would love to participate in this incredible lot!
Ruth Bernal


looking forward to seeing you on tv!! thanks for the chance to win!!


Awesome! Hopefully, some kind soul will put these episodes online because my PBS station doesn't carry the show :(


ohhhh, i want your autograph!
oh. wait. i think i can get that in october!!
you are the bestest :-)

Michelle Remy

I love spray inks but hadn't heard of these...they look quite intense! Are they watercolor or dye ink? Anyway, fabulous prize package and congratulations on the TV segment. I will definitely look at the PBS schedule to see if I can find this show...

Heather Kindt

How exciting! Your art and teaching inspires many, and now it will reach many more!


That's great! I can't wait to see it on Tv. I first heard about you from Art Journaling magazine. I loved the bright colors, circles, silhouettes, hearts, and paint splatter on your pages.It made me excited to try what you designed.
I have used spray inks (love them), but haven't tried punches or the microns before. It all looks so exciting! I look forward to your stamps coming to my craft stores.

Kelly Turner

What a fabulous opportunity! Please do keep us posted for your debut! kelly

Connie Airington

This is such an awesome opportunity...cant wait to watch you live (the show). Let us know when you on.


Now that's cool! Can't wait to watch it. You're a wonderful teacher, so I'm sure you knocked it out of the park :)

Lavender Moon

How fun! Hopefully I can catch the episode on TV when it airs!!

Kathleen D

Awesome give away! The prizes look fabulous. Congrats on your TV spot!

Kathryn Johnson

Very cool!

Diane MacCallum

7 minutes of tv time to awesome!

Fauve van Maanen

That sounds like an amazing experience,but for you there is no need to be nervous!You are fabulous :)



Check out my mate on the telly!! Love you're more fabulous than dorky though...:0) xx

Gabriela Seminario

would love to watch it!!!!

Rita Timmons

how exciting! congrats...

Michele Kovack

You are soooo NOT a dork! Can't wait to see you on TV!!! How EXCITING!!!!!

Niki East

I can't wait to see you on TV! That will be great. Also, thank you for the great giveaway.


BRAVO dear Dina for that T.V. project...I am sure you did it like a queen of art!!!!

I would like to win that gift...If ever it is the case, I will give you the adress in Texas where I will be this winter in my son's it is possible for me OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS....hi hi hi...

seriously, I am eager to see you on tv...wouaw.....

Michelle Mathey

How exciting! I can't wait to see you on tv!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Nicole Maki

Congrats on your TV spot - that must have been incredibly exciting.

And thank you so much for the chance to win.

Marlene Moore

Looking forward to seeing you on TV! I had no idea that Inkadinkadoo made spray inks, would love to try them.


That is awesome that you were able to show your talent on air. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the episode, will have to keep an eye out for the show. Again congrats!



I love watching you on your videos - there's nothing dorky about you at all!!!!
You'll be great.
What a fabulous prize! Mmmmm! I'd like to be a winner..

Cristi Clothier

Congratulations on the show!

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