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June 14, 2011


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amy tangerine

woohoo! huge congrats - so thrilled for you!

Amanda D.

OH MY!!! How exciting!! This is awesome Dina! Congrats!!


You rock! I am so proud of you and happy you got this opportunity. Love you mucho!

Christina C

congratulations! they are so lovely and perfectly artful.


Wow! That's awesome!!! Congratulations Dina!


Oh wow!!! Well done you! They look fab and VERY YOU!


COOL!!!!!!!!!! Love them!!

corinne delis

OMG!! Dina that is so awesome and so deserving!!! they look so wonderful!



Huge congrats Dina- You rock!!!


They look awesome Dina! Huge congratulations x

Jill Sprott

Congratulations! These are fantastic!


WOW!!! This is so awesome Dina. They are stunning.
I'm so happy happy for you. Congrats!!
Un beso, Cuchy


congrats !! You Rock


Ooooooooooohhh! So absolutely cool! Congratulations!!!


Well of course I need them


So awesome girl !!! congratulations!!!


They look fabulous. And very you!

Julie Kirk

How wonderful - congratulations!




Congratulations, Dina! SUPER stamps!!!!


i love them!!! congratulations!!

Clare H

Fabulous! Hop I can get them in the UK!

Clare H

Ben at art from the heart just confirmed he is gonna get them for us in the UK whooop!

Martha Bonneau

Congrats! That is the coolest!!


Oh, yes! They're totally you! If I can't have them in France, I'll get them form the UK. Congratulations.

Debby Schuh

Congratulations!! What a cool opportunity!

Martha Richardson

Just got my email from excited, don't know if I can wait ;)

Diane Marra

so happy for you! I love your work and now to be able to have stamps with your signature, that is great!

Petra Offrell

Must ave these ♥


yeahhhh!! so proud of you!!! hope those are the first pieces of a whole collection, huh??? huge huge huge congrats, my friend!! :)))))


are we going to get them here too, Dina? hugs Olive


I just love them! And I must have them... :-)

Sandi Keene

Congrats, Dina. What an accomplishment. I so love the heart especially!


That is so exciting, Dina!!! Congratulations!!! Yay!! ♥

lisa truesdell

SO awesome - congrats!!


They are really cool. I love the people figures! Way to go!

Antonia Krajicek

OMGoodness...these are amazing! Congratulations on the exciting opportunity :)

jenn shurkus

beautiful dina!!!! congratulations :))


Very cool Dina!!! Wahoo!! :D

Carol P

Good for you...great stamps!!! Just put an order in. Good luck with your new venture. Can't wait to get my order...

Marilyn J. Rock

Congratulations Dina! I just pre-ordered a couple! :) They are awesome!

Carol E

FABulous!!! They are so you! Love your style!!!


Love it! Now you need to do your art journaling book!

connie k.

Congratulations..these are really your free grungy style...can hardly wait to see more!

Linda Cain

Just saw them on the newsletter. Love them all...they are brilliant! Congrats!


Jenny Petricek

Congratulations! I have a $20 gift certificate to Stampington, and am thinking I need to put it toward the purchase of your stamps!


Love, Love, Love!


they are totally amazing...just like you! I heart them very much!

Rita Timmons

these are great stamps! congrats!


Dina - that is awesome! I'm so jealous! How wonderful to see your ideas spread in so many different ways. Congrats!

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