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February 08, 2011


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You're right, there's way too much stuff there, you need to clean it up and send it to me! ;-)

Have a good evening.


You can toss that on the top of my computer hutch any day of the week. I'm particularly in love with the flower prints together.


My desk needs a good cleaning too. What Stabilio pencils do you use? I remember using some that wiped off of photos when I first started scrapbooking years ago. It was a wax pencil and you had to work hard to wipe it off of the photo. Are there new pencils? Like I need another art item to add to my collection!

Robin Orewiler

Love the flowers!

Marleen van Meerendonk

Keep on playing girl !!!


Oh, who cares about the mess... we just want to see the art! And like Debby, I am curious about the Stabilo pencil. I'm always on the look out for good writing material and I've still haven't found my favorite... Stabilo is available here in Holland, so maybe it's a good one for me to try?


Never mind the mess! I'm always pleased to see your art. i love these flowers and am very curious too about the Stabilos. I never have enough of different pens, crayons...


Howdy! The pencils are just a Stabilo Marks All pencil...when you run a
wet brush over it, the pencil marks dissolve and you get a cool look.
Basically like a watercolor pencil.

Judy G

What a beautiful view it is. And I've always been in love with the tags you made of your boys...they're stunning!


Love the flowrs. It reminds me of your tree page that you did during the last class.

Daniele Valois

Really nice look. My question is not about the pencils though, but rather about what pen you always use to write with. I love how it looks. I really like the pages for Ranger below too. I have wondered how I want to use those pens with the powder. I have played around and they are really fun, but I think you nailed it! And sticky back canvas seems way cool!!! A must order!


love these pages - what are you using for your colors - are they pastels?


The pens I use are Sharpie Poster-paint Water-based markers, in
extra-fine point.

And for the pen powder...I took the pen and just wrote with it on
the black matte board. Then I put the small brush in the powder and
brushed the powder lightly over the writing. The pen ink grabs the
powder and you can gently brush the excess away with the larger brush
that comes with the Perfect Pearls. Super easy fun!

Annie Britts

They are actually lovely! I also love the flower prints, it is so creatively done! And the paint combination is really very relaxing. Anyone can get back easily to work, inspired by these art pieces of yours!

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