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November 08, 2010


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Jill Sprott

Sorry to hear about your bad day, but these are proof that there is a silver lining!


Sorry to hear you had a bad day! Especially since you're bringing such joy to all of us in AJ 103. I am sooooo loving the class. Thanks! And I hope tomorrow is better.

Funky Fairy - Lisa

I love your art. I hope you have a better day today x


Well, at least you had a good ART day - and yum-carbs are always a pleasure. Thanks for the inspiration, I hope today will be better!

Linda Cain

At least some greatness came out of your dark cloud of a day! Fantastic work as always.


Susan M

Hi Dina,
LOVE all of your work! I am hoping you got my email from yesterday??


Hi...nope, didnt get the email. I will go check my spam folder!

Lynette (NZ)

Well I've had a great couple of days - inspired by you :-)

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Lisa M. Pace

Dina, I could see these sold in stores... you need to get into the gift industry and sell these faces. You are AWESOME! I see canvas art, journals, note cards, jewelry etc. Get to it Missy!


sorry for your bad day...may be you needed to rest a reconfortable meal and make art...when i have days like that...i am telling me that will pass like every thing is passing...and so...tomorrow will be better...for sure!!!


Found you on a strange and twisting journey round Lynette's blog! Love your funky coloured portraits. You inspire me to think more colourfully, thank you!

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