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August 12, 2010


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Susie LaFond

Hi Dina
I totally HEART this. AWESOME!!!! Super excited. I signed up for your 'Graffiti' AJ class yesterday and am having a blast. It's been on my wish list for a very LONG time.


Fabulous......but of courseI would expect nothing less from you! : )


amazing as ever!!! :))

Denise Morrison

oh my this is so....colorful, ripped messy and perfect!

Maria Ontiveros

Love the shape of this; it makes me thing that a triangular bunting shaped mini album would also be fantastic!
p.s. can I say it thrills me to pieces that I'm up on your artsy inspiration list!

Ann Briggs

This is fantastic, love it. Ann xx

Si Alem

This is amazing! Great idea!

Maria Ontiveros

Hey Dina,
Check out the bunting shaped mini album I made out of plaster on my blog here:
Thanks for the inspiration.

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