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June 16, 2010


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Maria Ontiveros

Wow! These are all so terrific. I'm especially loving the red, yellow & white color combo.

Jill Sprott

Oh dear. Genius.


so stinkin' good you are!


Seriously??? These are all so freaking AWESOME!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

Diane B.

yeah, bought the kit and the add-on. couldn't RESIST!!! geez, you and jbs are a match made in heaven! LOVE your LO's!

Natalie E

Dina, you just keep on astounding me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

I love the pop of the red flowers in the first on, and the way you used the yellow butterfly rub-on.
I love how you've added the white paint/gesso in the second one. I never would have thought of adding something like that to this beautiful design, but it just adds a whole new element.
I love love LOVE the butterflies up the edge in the third one.
I love the green splatters in the fourth one.
And I love the crazy stitching in the last one.



I love love love them!

Andrea MacDonald

All of these are just fabulous! I sooo have to do Art Journaling 201 with you. I am due!


Great pictures & and awesome color combos
so full of love
that's why your art is so alive

Denise Morrison

these are so bright and colorful-I am loving all that paint.

jo sowerby

i love ur ability to use such vibrant colours in such innovative ways dina. i really want to do ur next art journalling class. just completed my journal for grafity of life and i have loved the process.
Jo xxxx


Incredible. You amaze me.

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