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March 22, 2010


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thank you SOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOO much for sharing this video !! I loved it SOOOOOOOOOO much !!!! Enormous smooches for you my favorite muse ever ^-^ Love from Belgium


That was great Dina, I appreciated being able to see just what you were doing, for I'm a fan of the pages you create!


spray ink haiku

dina, spray ink queen
you make it look so easy
but mine look like poo.


Zoa Barker

your video is awesome! I really enjoyed your ideas!! I love using spray ink on most of my projects, but I have never thought to blot it, I always just use my heat gun to dry it quickly. In the video, it looked like your paper doesn't get very warped, is that because you blot? That is my biggest complaint with the spray ink on my scrapbook pages, it makes the paper so warped... if you have some suggestions on how to prevent this, I would love to try it!! thanks again :)


My pages do get a little warped...but Im at peace with it. lol! The blotting does help remove excess moisture, though.

Happy inking!! :)



Thanx for the tutorial! love to learn from you!!

Audrey :0)


Great tutorial. I enjoyed each second of it and I'm sure I'll watch it again. I found I use ink more and more on my projects and sometimes the ink won't wash away from my fingers but I don't care. I love it. Thank you very much.


Dina...loved your tutorial!!! FYI...if I am going to use any medium over my sprayed ink or distress ink for that matter...I spray it with Super Seal by Creative Imaginations then i can do anything I want and it won't smear! Just thought you might like to know!

Once again...thanks for sharing your video!!! LOVED IT!!

Anilu Magloire

Loved it! You are a great teacher. Now I am aching to go back to my stuff and get some of those Ranger color washes. NOW!

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