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August 10, 2009


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You Rock!! Congratulations!!!!!

lisa garay

you deserve it & we love you!

Debbie F

I'm picking one of these up when they come out. And next time I see you, I'm gonna have you autograph it!! toot toot!! =)

miss morgan...

you ARE sew hot miss! so exciting, and you need to try to know that you have no reason to feel inferior! you're stuff is so awesome!


you are SEW hot!


hey you can toot, in fact we should do that more ;)

Sande Krieger

Yay! I'm not surprised that you're on the cover at all! The more I see of your work the more "blown away" I am. Your art is stunning! I just pre-ordered my copy of this - can't wait to get it!

Erin B

so awesome Dina! Congrats!


Congrats, Dina! That is soooo awesome. I hope you're REALLY proud.

Fonda Darter

Ohhh got mine today. Can't wait to dig into it. So excited to see your art on the cover Dina! Congrats!


You don't know me. I've taken a class of yours and occasionally check your blog. I just couldn't help myself from stopping to say congradulations! What a great achievement! You ouze talent and make it accecible to aspiring artist. Go Dina!

Ronda P

it is one of the many things i love about you...

such a wickedly talent artist that is humble

& insecure as the rest of us

You so deserve that spotlight and i can't wait to go get this


Hi Dina! I'm totally at your blog right now because of the Art Journaling article. I had no idea art journaling was a thing people did but I've become totally obsessed in a very short amount of time and inspired by yours (and others') amazing work which I saw first in the magazine. I'm far from binding my own journals but hoping I'll get there eventually. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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