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August 10, 2009


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Lori W

toot away, girl! you deserve it!
(I shoulda had you sign my forehead while we were taking pics...darn.):P

Romany Witch

Nice. Very nice. I hope it's available for digital download again.


well deserved.

Paulette Insall

congrats girlie!!! you so deserve this! your work ROCKS!!!



WOWZA!!!! Totally not surprised and so happy to have you point it out!!!!!!! congrats and I am finding that mag.


Dina, this is fabulous!!!! Wow! Congrats and I have to say one more time... your work is awesome!

kelsey mcdill

Conrats!! Thats way exciting!!! You know you desire it though, so go ahead toot that horn!


you totally deserve it. can't wait to see the new copy.


TOOT TOOT Dina!!!!!!!!!! U DESERVE IT! :):):):):):):):):)


Toot Toot! Well done and a huge congratulations to you Dina!!! Woooohoooo!!!!


Congratulations! I'll have to buy myself a copy...I love your work it's so inspiring.

Amanda D

Oh my goodness Dina!! That is amazing!!!

Sara Berry

Yay!!! Dina, you absolutely deserve to be on that cover! I can't wait to see the magazine in person.


you totally deserve it, congrats girl!!! :) yay!!


Awesome! that is sooo cool! I love seeing your work.


YOU GO GIRL...TOOT TOOT TOOT happy for you :} such a fan of your I can't wait to get my hands on this publication. May all your dreams come true!
Fondly, Roberta


Wowww that great !!! :))) Congratulations!

corinne delis

woohoo my friend you so deserve to be on the cover,please take pics of the inside to share here so I can see it as well since we do not have that magazine here.



Woohoo, awesome...! And that looks like a really fab magazine!


would it be incredibly weird for me to just sit behind you one day while you work? or five? or twenty? good grapes, woman.

Anne Kristine

You totally deserve it!!!
I can't wait to see the new copy.


yay congrats,.. toot toot away - you really do deserve it! :)

marianne hope

Don´t mind the tooting, it´s your right to toot about good stuff. And this is definitely GOOD! Congrats, girl! Please share more......and please toot...


that's amazing...congratulations! i'm so glad i pre-ordered a copy...can hardly wait now.


Congratulations!!! That is totally worth shouting about!!! How exciting!

sandy w.

that is so cool and exciting! you so deserve it! your artwork is an inspiration!

Susie LaFond

Way to rock girl. I know I am not surprised. VBG. Your journals are bursting with color and spirit. You so derserve the honor. HIGH FIVES!

chantel Mernickle

That is SO awesome!!! I love this magazine, and you're up there in my books too so I must admit I am going to need to own that! Congrats!


YAY!! Congrats! I already preordered it, I can't wait to receive it.

jenn shurkus

you TOTALLY deserve it dina.. cant wait to pick up a copy!!


Diane Marra

Dina, that is awesome, and you deserve it. Can't wait to get a copy and tell my friends that I have taken your classes! Congratulations

Nancy Spiegel

Congrats and kudos and mazel tov, Dina! I love your work and now the whole world gets to see how talented you are.

Lisa M. Pace

CONGRATULATIONS DINA... so well deserved! You ROCK the Art Journal world. I'm so happy for you.

Beth Perry



Hey D.
Congrats to my sew hot BFF. Have always loved and admired your art. How did you get stuck with such an uncreative friend? Guess you have enough for both of us!

kerry lynn

so freakin awesome d
and so so so so deserved!!!
woooo hooooooooooooooo!!!


huge congrats!
toot totally deserve are a super star...

Judi W

How very cool is that, Dina! and so very well deserved! I'm happy dancing for you, just don't discount this milestone on your journey. Celebrate! You've earned the recognition.


big hugs sent your way, miss dina!!!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. You totally deserve it!

lisa mitchell

This is SOOOOO well deserved!!
So happy for you!!
...Bask in the joy of this recognition!!!
Yay Dina Yay Dina Yay Dina!!


Wow, you go girl!!!! Be proud of yourself, you deserve it. I can't wait to get a copy.

Mandi Johnson

Toot away!! Heee! If it makes you feel any better, I toot for you too. ;)


Congratulations - a fitting tribute to the Queen of Art Journalling :)

Debee Campos

congrats DINA!!!!
sending a huge celebratory boogie dance from me to you!


TOOT away :)


Wow! That is so awesome and well deserved. Your work is always beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations to you :)

Francesca Di Leo

WOW - can't wait to get my hands on it.
I bought the first edition and it is so good, I'm still devouring every page, over and over again!!
So excited to see your work in the newest edition.
Keep tooting - it's worth the toots!! Smile.


Chris Granelli

Whooooo :) Huge congrats Dina - HAd to d/load the last copy as I couldnt get a copy for love nor money in the UK - but have pre ordered this issue - delighted I did - eeek can't wait for it to arrive now - the suspense is killing me LOL
Mega conrats again and thanks for your inspiration.


They couldn't have chosen anyone better. I'm so glad I preordered mine and it will be in my mailbox soon!

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