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April 24, 2009


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ummm... if that's paint store barf, it looks pretty darn good!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love the barf! : )


always very inspiring to me!

lisa mitchell

well i love it. i love all the colour you've used here,
and it just feels like there's so much in there.

and bravo to you on being willing to share with us, even when you personally don't feel like it's up to par with your "usual" sparks of creativity...that's a great example for the rest of us :)

cheers! lisa


Yeah, great paint store barf! Love the little dots, looks like braille!


Ultra cool!
I feel relieved of stress just looking at it.

Christina C

I love this! Those circles are brilliant.
thank you for giving me a plan for the weekend. :D


I'm pretty much in love with your stuff. It's not barf. I'm not in love with barf. Please continue to create amazingness. I really enjoy it.

Lisa Crofts

i think it looks pretty fantastic. Any pointers for creating this effect? What paint do you like to use by the way? Golden or cheapies. Anyway I think the book looks fabulous.


I think U are silly....because it is GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):)


I like paint store barf as of today :)


You're an artist !!!!


i love so!!!!

kerry lynn

it's the best medicine, really.
i'm glad you could get it all out

Susie LaFond

I am loving this. I think it's extreme jumping off a mountain before looking down and knowing you will still be safe when you hit the ground. AWESOME.


WOW this is sooooo awesome!! I love it. Such a lovelyt "mess". You are a star with the colors.


I love that you used "it is what it is." Scrapgal has that as the word challenge for this week! And i think it looks fab!

Diane B.

paint store barf??? um...please let me know if you need me to take that off your hands for ya! ;)


i love your mess. like...mad, crazy, insane love.


woah but it's so cool!!!

jen compton

that's the most fabulous vomit i've EVER seen. it rocks.


paint barfed in perfect places.... .how do you do that, barfing paint? ;)


Love the grungy style. Quite interesting with these bright colors.


Haven't visit your blog in a while and boy - there's a lot to see!!!! And guess what? I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!

Denise Morrison

juicy barf Dina!

Linda Roberts

Oh my goodness, I'm soooo impressed with your wild and crazy barf; it's shear genius!!! Would you mind letting me know how you did it? Love, love , love those circles. You are an INSPIRATION.

Michelle M

Soooooo Incredibly INSPIRING! wish I could lose my inhibitions and just go for it like that! You rock!


Hi Dina,

My name is Dana, we have spoken before, I just want to say I am so inspired by your art journals. Too bad, I learn better in a classroom setting than I do online, or let's just say I more motivated, when I am hands on. If you are ever in Chicago, I hope you would consider teaching a class here. I would so sign up. Windy City is a great option. Hint! Hint! LOL


Just love this!!! Great colors!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

I LOVE your little book! It is AWESOME!


love the colorful paint upchuck!
Hugs, Becky


good for you!!! great therapy! lots cheaper than regular therapy! :)

Toni Hay

Love your knot hole!!! creative use of image. Happy NSD!

jenn shurkus

i love when your paint store barfs ;)

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