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February 04, 2009


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celine navarro

Barcelona???? WHEN? WHERE?! I only live 3 hours from Barcelona by car!!!! oh tell me all the details! I'm in! :D


hi dina,
it was such a treat to get to meet you. like i said girl, i've heard your name so many times:) you've such a beautiful, natural style. go you!
come by and visit us:
we're having a fun giveaway!

liz kartchner

me+barcelona+you and your awesome class sounds SO fun!!!!

kerry lynn

you are so amazing
when are you gonna scrap lisa's cast offs?? ;)


after barcelona, there will be a small class held in the rockies, right???? ;) mwah. droollllllllllllllllllllll


You so turned me on to spray inks. I never liked them before I saw how you used them. thanks for the inspo. :)

Erin Johnson

These pages are beautiful and you never cease to inspire me! Thank you for sharing your incredible work!!!


wow the first page especially just leaves my mouth open... soo perfect!!

ana manzana

Barcelona???? WHEN??? WHERE??????????


totally love what I see :)

Holly Hanks

You love spray inks? No way! Get out of town! ;0) LOL! As always, beautiful work, Dina!

sasha farina

oh yummyness~!!!


Oooh I hope there's a So Cal class planned lol

London Tierney

Oh my god! These rock my world! Can't wait to create with you!


Lovely! Wish I could up and go to Barcelona for the class but I think that will have to wait until my funds get replenished from my last trip.


absolutely incredible stuff Dina!!

Penny B.

Amazing work! Somehow your colors seem to make a lovely statement...mine just seem to look "wrong" no matter what.

linda loe

Ohh this looks so cool. Hope you going to teach this in the Netherlands:-)


Yeah!!!!! I live in Barcelona and i'm definitely coming!!!! It was so inesperate when Lisa told me today! I'm still in shock! It will be such a pleasure to meet you in person! Woot woot!!!!


I love your new pages!!!
Barcelona!! wowwwww!!!!


These are gorgeous, I adore your work~ it's so beautiful. -e


Hello Dina. I will see you in Barcelona!!!! Bien!!!!

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