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August 22, 2008


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Amy K-P



WOW. seriously. wow.

Carrie K

i seriously cannot get over how fantastic this is...


really, i mean it...

love you!

Holly Hanks

Now, that is freaking amazing, Dina! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing.


I've been watching this book come together - it is just AMAZINGLY beautiful. TFS

jenn shurkus

thank you, thank you... i will have to play with this ;)


i keep looking at these pages and all i can do is drool.
i have been blog stalking you for sometime..... and i am just awe struck at everything i see.
i usually can't even comment i'm just stuck staring.
thanks for sharing!


Simply stunning!
Visual eye candy to the MAX!
I need to know what settings you used to sew in that signature cause the last time I tried to sew a paper bag album together...well let's just say the machine complained vigorously!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Just awesome! Love it and thanks for sharing your process and letting me know it's OK to do things in a different order! LOL

Heather Prins

speechless. My mouth is hanging open at the sheer beauty of this book. I dream of having that kind of talent. You amaze me!


dang. I wish I could hang out with you so I can learn this whole process. I'm very much a you just gotta be there kinda gal. So yes. I would love to learn about how you layer all those textures in your pages too. I think they're fabulous, but I just don't know where to begin.

swiss girl

like mandi said: i would love to hang out with you to learn all that nice things you do.... it is always the same: i think every scrapper has her own (more or less) wonderful style, but then we see someone that makes other stuff than we do and we feel like a beginner or something like that ;) that's so weird... really LOVE your projects!!!

jen davis

Good grief, these are absolutely amazing! I want to touch the pages so badly! Thanks for all the pictures and for the detailed "how to's" I'm just going to have to spend a half an hour staring at these photos! =)

Beth Perry

OH, I am sooo impatient too! lol

Cool, cool book!! I love it!

Michelle Clement

Oh, WOW! I think I just need to leave this open on my computer just to soak in its genius for days and amazingly gorgeous!! :) You are so lovely! Happy day!

Fauve van Maanen

You are such a genious!seriously sweets,amazing!


this is very truly the best I've seen lately - I can't get over it!

Aida Haron

WOOOOOOWWWWWWWW ..... I am spechhless !! My sewing machine upped and ran away .......

Sasha Farina

I love your "hot mess" Dina!! Too awesome.. now I wanna learn book binding, not just normal books tho, I wanna make cool ones like YOURS ;)

Christina C

this is so wonderful. thank you for sharing. I love stuff like this and your photos are great.

Erin B

so cool! such amazing color and texture and sewing and paint goodness!

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