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June 09, 2014


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Laurie Jay



Where is this in Florida? I need to know closest airport to check prices. Thanks. I am working really hard on coming!

Michelle McCosh

Hi Nancy: the closest airports are West Palm Beach (PBI) or Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

Kathy S.

What Laurie Jay said - ME TOO SCREAMING AND JUMPING UP AND DOWN....SOOOOOOOO EXCITED :) Just paid my $150 deposit - cannot wait to meet you and to learn from two of my art idols and I'm not kidding around LOLLLLLLLLLLL


Is that close to Melbourne Australia ?

dana driscoll

Please come to southern California. I can't afford airfare and retreat. Lots of people here I've your art!


No doubt a good -- no, a GREAT, time will be had by all at this event.


Oh my heck....I want to GO SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well for now I know i just can't Please do this again...please please PLEASE!! :) with sugar on top (and hey I will even wear my Nacho stretchy pants...hee hee)

Mary Lee Gosz

What is the rate for a single room? And what about room rates if I want to arrive early or leave later?
Also, should we rent cars, or take taxis, or is there any group transportation from the airports? Thanks!! So exciting!!!

Sue Sandler

I signed up! Wouldn't miss this for the world!

Michelle McCosh

Hi Mary Lee Gosz: Send an email to or call 561 432-5201 and I can answer all your questions :)

Greta Gubbins

What are the exact dates??


Go to the website for all the details!

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Margie Curtis

I just reserved my spot! It is going to be awesome :)

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