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May 23, 2014


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Sarah Anderson

great colour combos in that background, the red is fab!!

Sue W.

The red is cool!

Ange B

Gorgeous and bright, looks amazing! Red is my favourite colour so GO RED I say :-)

Cindy (Junque Art)

The red looks awesome in this! Worked out much better than the birds. :) LOL


Gorgeous - I especially love the background!

Heidi Anderson



So so awesome!

Barbara Albrecht

So proud of you for using red!!! And you didn't have to get Grisham involved, either....wink, wink....hehehe. I love how the splash of red adds life to the page!


And I love your page!!! Just a pop of red is very nice!!!

Lelainia Lloyd

The colours really pop- they are so lush & vibrant. I just took a painting/layering class & these would be so much fun to work with!


Since I buy mostly cheapo craft paint, it would be great to add your paints to my art stash. Love the colors you chose.

Tara Hoke

Love the colors!

Sarah Martin

OH I am drooling!!! Would love to win!!!


I'm loving the colors and creamy consistency! Congratulations on this awesome achievement!!

Beth Hardage

Wow! What wonderful colors!


Love the washi tape dress!

Ann Daly

Love your work so I'm sure I'll love your paints! ~Ann


Such beautiful colours and effects. It would be a real treat to work with these amazing products!

Glenda Hoagland

These paints are so yummy. I just saw them on Dawn Sokol-DeVries' blog and had to comment. What an great achievement to have a full line of paints and accessories. I would love, love,love to wind a set of paints. Congratulations.

Colleen O'Lear

Very excited about your new release. Saw you demo at CHA and looking forward to working with your products.

Linda Bennett

Love the red!

Angie A.

Exciting! Luv your style and Ranger products! Can't wait. Thanks for the opportunity.


Your product looks awesome. I would love to try them on my art journal:)

Tracey A in NH

I'm so excited about your wonderful new release!! I bought a couple of paint tubes....they're AWESOME!!!

Gavi S

Love the vibrancy of these paints, would love to win some!;)

Mary H

Looking forward to working with your new paints and brushes!

Eileen Doane

Wow! These paints look like lots of fun!!
Oh the possibilities!!!

Debra Lee

I love all the colors!

Anita Tillman

I'm totally in love with your whole range - great colours and those brushes look so awesome!!

Cindy Pool

Beautiful colors! Love the look of your new paints!

Sirpa Soilammi

Fab colors,love the look!


Love the colors and your work

Deb Buckhout

Wonderful new colors- I can't wait to try them out! Love your stuff!

Samantha Packer

These look amazing. I love your book Dina which is so inspiring, so your new range looks like it will complement it!

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