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May 20, 2014


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That's a bad cough you got... will be sure to come back on Monday to see if it's cleared up, lol! Love the faces.

Sue W.

You should really take something for that cough! Otherwise you might not be able to do the blog hop on Monday! Love your pages...but I always do! Feel better! ;)

jenn shurkus

beautiful!!!i really hope you teach this at the ink pad in the fall *hint* hint*
cant wait to see the blog hop!!!

Kathryn Harpold

Love the faces layering on top of each other! and the drips and the writing and the screen stenciling and the colors and the eyes and the red dots on the lash line and the...and the... miss you!


Oh for sure I will be here Monday...and drawing faces. So not good at that...but I think maybe I could be with your help:)

PS...I get paid tomorrow and already have planned to purchase your brushes, gel medium, Night and faces stamps:)

Barbara Albrecht

I loved your Face in the Crowd class. You truly did PUSH us all to create something we'd never done before....thank you!! Hope to catch up with you on Monday...traveling...and you know how hotel internet can be.

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love this and I think this was my favorite lesson in the class! As you were demoing it, I was thinking...very cool but don't think I can do that. It turned out to be my favorite page in my journal! Thanks for your talents and for pushing us to discover ours! It was really great to finally meet you in person!

Jo Rice

Fascinating! I want to be a groupie for you.
Jo Rice


I'm so glad yesterday I get my scribbled women "All the gals" ans today I started my first try. Tomorrow I shall get the scribbles birds, I'm so curious !
Thanks for all the inspiration, you are such a talented lady!
Big hugs Anja from germany


Oh how I have been looking, and looking for your NEW paints, brushes, and etc. etc.....How will we know where to get them? The colors are just delicious looking!!

Beautiful work as always Dina, YOU are an inspiration!


I would love to play with your new paints, brushes, gesso.. they look fabulous and your work is sooooo inspiring!
Have a nice day and good luck to everyone!


These are just WOW. I love love love all your creations!

Francine Martin

Your work is unique and I love it!!
And I really would like to use your products and home and when I attend class
at scrapbook Central .
Hope to whin I sill love to play with your new products.

Paula Decker Haynes

Can't wait to try your new line of acrylic paints so pick me please.


Great fun following what others have done with these paints


Wow, your own line out of sale. Good for you!

Nancy Spindler

Congrats!! Was your own line of paints on your goals list or did it just sort of happen?

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