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February 10, 2014


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Will wait and think about big cookies. Hang in there!

Kathryn Harpold

Love the picture! Can't wait to get my hands on some of your new stuff the create art with so I guess I'll just have to muck about with some of your "classics." Hope things smooth out for you soon.


That cookie looks GOOD:) Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Lea Ann

Take care of yourself too! So sorry I had to miss you at Whimsodoodle! Can't wait until you come back...

Sue W.

I had a cupcake instead!


Hang in there! Maybe this will brighten your day...this week I am teaching 125 kids a few art journaling techniques to make their very own Valentine creations. We start each session with a quick discussion of the artist who is inspiring us and this week it is you! I will post a few of their creations on my website.
And that cookie looks delicious....

Marcy Rutledge

how many cookies will I have to eat before you return?
missing your daily inspirations.

Carol P

Not to worry, we will survive for a while...take care of you! Sounds like you need some R&R!

Barbara Albrecht the picture. Thanks for the update on your life. I'm sure it's spinning out of control now that you're a Ranger Super Star on top of being "just" Dina the Amazing!!

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