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January 07, 2014


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Lori W

LOOOOOOOVE all of these, Dina!! :) So thrilled for you!


oh wow, Dina! how very exciting! big congrats!!

Michelle Remy

Congratulations Dina! Your paints look especially fab! I need more paint in my studio like I need another hole in my head but these are really beyond tempting! So much for New Year's resolutions...that quote stencil is also something I'm going to need in my stash...bravo my dear!


i love it all, Dina! Any idea when orders start shipping - I can hardly wait to get it. a million congratulations on a job well done. ps: can you tell I'm excited? ;)


Wow super exciting! Love it all - uh-oh!! :-)

Marjie Kemper

Woooohooooo! You go, girl! Can't wait to see these in person.

Sue Cromar

Love those colours, birthday present to myself I think!!

Barbara Albrecht

WOW and WOW again!!! I'm lovin' everything I'm seein'!!! Congratulations on a super duper fantastic new line!!! You're gonna make this retired lady have to go find a j-o-b so I can get all of your new goodies!!! So excited for you!!!

mary blackmer walmer

Oh my goodness!! So exciting..the stamps are amazing! I cannot wait to try out the paints and other stuff...oh boy!


Cool products! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see how you use all of them!!!


Great ! I hope (but I have very little doubt) that Clipper Street will carry them (my local scrapbook store).
Congratulations again :) Can't wait to see samples of what you do with them.


Congratulations - it's so exciting! Love the stamps and those fabulous stencils... Have just bought your book on amazon, and so looking forward to playing.
Alison x

Kory K


The colors are great. I want them paints.

And all the stencils/masks.

And the stamps. I love them all- but I'm really glad there's a cool one that could be a guy. lol

Love it all!

Wendy Goundrey

These products make me want to crank open my new art journal and go to town on it!

Marleen van Meerendonk

OMG girl you rock!!! what an awesome collection!!!
Love the paint (NO dabbers!!)!
Hugs from Holland ;)

Sue S

[Swoons]. Oh. Those. Stamps.




Birds? Can I say birds? I love the birds - both the stencil and the stamps!!! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! I am also so happy to see you have more stamps coming out! Yes - you go girl!!!


they all look great!... I too like the birds... I can't wait to be able to work with your new products.... Congratulations.


Wow, congratulations!!! Everything looks great! Can't wait to start seeing these at my LSS!!


I am in love between you and Tim I will be working to buy....

Luc from Montreal


They all look wonderful, but the bird stamps are my favorite!
Do you know if either Michael's or Amazon will be carrying these?
Looking to put my gift cards to good use!


Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing your line in stores.


Congratulations on your new line !
Looking forward to "exploring" with some of the product this year ( I try to add something new
each year to my "art" experience) !

Ali Gitt

Media Stamps are unreal. AWESOME


Aaaah! I so love your gals and your birds! And your paint colours are to fall!


I see fun stuff there! Congrats!


Shipping in March!

Pat Healey

Wonderful! From your paints to your stamps and everything in between, your new line is awesome!


Absolutely awesome!! Can't wait!!


oh dina these all scream you!!!! i love them!! so very glad you and Ranger have teamed up! now to place an order!

Betty van Luijn

Great collection !!! I want them all


i am so terribly excited for you! i have tears in my eyes looking at all of this. :) you.are.amazing!

Dawn Jones

March? Are you kidding me? I'm gonna bust a gut!! They are all wonderful!! CAN.NOT.WAIT!! Congratulations!!

Sue K

Ahhhhhhhh Dina!!! Waaaaaaay Cool!


Wow...I'm so glad I found you, when I did....I love your style and your choice of starting colors!


Love your new products -- I already have most of your previous stamps and I love them , can't wait for the newest stamps and stencils --- AWESOME !!!

Renee Zarate

Finally I'll buy some good brushes! I promise no more foam......Congrats on everything, I want it all, especially those stamps. Amazing line of products. I can't wait to be able to buy them.

jane wetzel

want them all Dina! Congrats :)

Natalie Elphinstone

These are just fabulous. Congratulations on your absolutely amazing new product line. I'm so happy for you!!


Oh No!
I'm gonna neeeeeeed most of it, help!

Sue W.

Very cool stuff there Miss Dina! I think I'm gonna need lots of it. Oh who am I kidding? I'm gonna need ALL of it!


Congratulations on a great line. You did a great job with the colors, the stencils and the stamps, love them all.

Michelle Webb

OMG Dina, I WANT THE LOT! I'm going to be destitute! Have fun playing with them Dina xx Michelle xx

Nicole Mansfield

Dina, everything is lovely. Soooo appreciative of the birds...they are a great symbol for me- my nineteen year old daughter passed away recently and Cory-Bird was her nickname. I like to think of her flying free somewhere.

Carol P

So cool!!! Congratulations I can't wait til they hit the stores Love your paint colors and the stamps are to die for, and the stencils, oh my, and, and, and.....Congrats again you talented lady!

sara j

Be still my heart...those stamps birdies and to die the faces too

Penny Bennington

So incredibly cool that you have your own signature line! Can't wait until it's all available - I can envision many hours of fun play and very painty fingers ;-) Congratulations!!!!

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