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December 12, 2013


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Those look amazing!! I go to a live model drawing class as well so I completely understand on the frustration piece. But your super-imposed piece is super cool!


Really great drawings!!!

Patrice Anne

wish i could convince you, dh and the fellas to make a trip back here ..... we have a MARVELOUS program at our art center - live figure drawing every monday nite starting each spring. by donation. seats and easels provided. just bring along your sketch paper, pencils, chalk, pastels, charcoal, inky fingers.......


That looks awesome! Let me know the next time; I'd love to come do life drawing!

There's a portrait artists' league on my side of town that does this every month, and I think they have some instruction. Back when I took my drawing class at MCC, I was all ready to take life drawing, too! Just gotta get back into it all!


This: "consistency and devotion are how you get better."

And also, those are effing awesome!

Christine Rickert

I admire how you are always experimenting and striving to reach new places in your art. Like these and think your second sketch is amazing. Congratulations on becoming a signature Ranger designer! Good luck, Dina.

sara j

those faces are truly striking

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