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October 07, 2013


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Oh this sounds awesome! Would love a chance to feast on this ;)

michelle mccosh

What an awesome lineup of teachers, sounds like fun.

Sue W.

Ohhh, sounds like fun! I'd love a chance to particiate.

Dixie Howell

Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Thank you for the chance to work with so many wonderful artists!

Jennifer Palmer

Oh Dina
What a opportunity to learn I looked at the class and just got lost in it.
It would be wonderful to win thankyou for the chance.


OMG. A chance to win a free spot to learn from 39 unique artists would be Fantastic!! I am keeping my fingers crossed. This would be such a wonderful learning experience! :)


wouldn't it just be soulfully delicious if i was to win!! i would love the chance please and thank you!
just look at those table mom would be chuffed!!!!


This sounds just fabulous!

Cindy Strickland

Ooh ! What a wonderful opportunity to learn from so many creative souls. Will be there for sure


wow, this looks like a lot of fun. thanks for the chance to win a seat.


Sounds like fun!!
Thanks for the chance to join!

Debbie Smetherham

Sounds awesome! Would love to be a part of it.


Oh my! I would love to participate. Guess I have to. So many talented ladies at one place *yey* :)


Sounds wonderful!


Happy to have a chance to be part of Soul Food 2014! Thanks for the generous giveaway

Cathy Basinski

Would love to be part of Soul Food!!!


I would love to be part of this amazing group. Thank you for this generous opportunity.

Trish Wildsmith

This sounds fantastic!


So looking forward to this! Loved reading your interview. Thanks for a shot at a spot!


This sounds great, already loving Facing the Facts.


What an awesome giveaway-this sounds like a really wonderful set of classes! Thanks for the chance to win :-)


This looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity.

Betty Wisse

Wow, such a wonderful opportunity. I appreciate the chance to participate.

Cindy (Junque Art)

Can't wait for class! So excited! Would love to win a spot for a friend of mine! Thanks for doing the give away!


Ooh! Sounds delicious.


Well I would LOVE this class Miss Dina!! I saw an ad for this the other day...the little cutie birdie caught my eye...and now that I know you are one of the chefs...well that would be awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win:)


Kirsten Varga

Wowza! This class looks fantastic and most likely will be the perfect alternative to housework. :) Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

Annette Cable

Can't wait to do this class. Going to share with a couple friends and see if they want to do this as a group.

Cristi Clothier

This looks like a fabulous class. Thank you for the chance to win!

marilynn rask

enjoy your class this weekend would love to win a chance to win


ooh man how cool! i haven't had a chance to take one of your classes [or any art journaling class, yikes!] since last year.

Lorrie Jonas

Wow, would love to win a spot!! sounds like a while lot of fun!

Bev Selby

I Would love to win! I would be so inspired to create by all of this wonderful artists!!

Laurie Martin

Sounds like great fun!

Marcy Rutledge

the lineup of artists is something else - would love to win a spot.

Pat Porche

Will be my first time participating. Really excited about the line up of sous chefs. Love your work and the inspiration it provides. Fingers crossed!

Linda on the Prairie

Bon appetit!


art and soul are inseparable! looking forward to this class.

Kristin Langlais

Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot! I am really hoping to win so I can learn from all the amazing artists that are lined up!!


Sounds Amazing! What a great opportunity to learn.

Meghan T.

So many opportunities nowadays with the internet and art! Love it!


Sounds like a wonderful experience!!! Thank you for a chane to win a free spot!

Siobhan Fry

This sounds like it will be right up my street!

Sue Cromar

Thanks so much for this chance to win a place on this fab class!

Marsha M

I would love to get to learn from you and all the other Soul Food gals. Sounds very exciting.

Valerie Bullock

What a terrific opportunity to be "nourished" by such diverse creative minds. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!!!


I love opportunities to learn art. Thanks for the chance to win.

chel micheline

This looks amazing!

Anna GB

OMG! Yes please!


I just love your class and style. I would love to take the class. Thanks for your blog and your inspiration. Thanks,

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