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February 03, 2013


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Kirsten Alicia

Congratulations, it looks great!


I got mine this week. Wow! Spectacular. Thank you for such valuable info.


It looks so great and of course I like to have this beautiful book of yours.
lovely greet and nice Sunday

Sue W.

Love it! I've been reading it every night before I go to bed.

Nicole Maki

I just got an email from Amazon saying the ship date was moved up to Feb. 7th an my husband thought I'd won the lottery the way I was carrying on.

Can't wait to see it! Congratulations!

Martha Richardson

It's a spectacular book with a lot of in-depth information on the how's & why's ;)


i have treasured my copy since i picked it up from you. i started my crafty day with it yesterday... best crafty day in forever!! thank you thank you thank you for publishing this book and sharing you with us!!

Barbara Albrecht

WOO HOO!! I've been checking Amazon daily for the last couple weeks and they were still saying Feb. 11. Thanks for the heads up...and thanks for letting me know the link from your blog is an affiliate code...I'll be sure to link from here when I order. OOOOOOO...I'm getting so excited!!!

Heather Blanarik

Congratulations Dina! I was so excited to see this offered digitally as a Kindle edition!!!

Lauren E

Yay! Can't wait to get it in my little hands. Congratulations!!!


I have this on pre order can't wait till it arrives ! congratulations !


Yahoooooo! So thrilled for you Dina - and for all of us who get to read it and be inspired by your art and techniques. :0) x x x x x x x


So pleased for you! Hope to hear from Amazon soon.

Lorraine aka grannypoppy

Just ordered mine :) I'll be watching the mail! Congratulations! Mmmm ... I would have loved to have a signed copy but not possible ... any chance you could email me an inscription that I could stick in the front of the book??? LOL!

Carol P

Congratulations!!! I am so anxious to get mine from Amazon. I have had it on order since June and got an e-mail the other day saying that the in stock date had been moved up and it should be in stock on Feb 5th. I am soooooo happy for you...and me! Can't wait. I know it will be super.


Can't wait to get mine from Amazon too. It will be a treasured addition to my library.


Congratulations Dina! I'm waiting on Amazon! Can't wait to get it

Michelle Mathey

I got my Amazon notice too!! So happy that I preordered - can't wait for it to get here. A well-deserved congratulation to you - hope you sell loads of copies and can't wait for the next book!


I want one, me to me to........

Luv from Montreal


Woohoo!!! Congratulations!

Pat Healey

Your book looks wonderful- I have ordered it from Amazon and can't wait to get my hands on it. Congratulations!


I pre-ordered this, but saw it is on kindle...just got it, could not wait!
This is a wonderful book Dina, chocked full of an amazing amount of information, and so visually pleasing! Love, love, love!

Linda K

ooooouuuiiiiii!!! I've been waiting-ever so patiently-and now I'm off to Amazon :):):)And then next up-your stencils!!

Rebecca Lovell

I got mine yesterday!!!! It's so beautiful!!! I can't wait to find some quiet time to absorb it!!

Fran Rees

Just finished my first read-through of your book! It's incredible, beautiful, informative, just AWESOME! I have already advanced in my art knowledge and look forward to trying many new things in my journals. I wrote the 3rd review of your book on amazon and just posted some of positive reactions to your book on my website blog . Since I too live in the Phoenix area, I hope our paths cross one of these days so I can complement you in person for such a great piece of work.
Fran Rees


Looks like a keeper. I am very excited to get my copy and spend time with you on the pages! Congratulations.


Congratulations to you -- it's such a fabulous book! I pre-ordered mine from Amazon, and have it in my hands, just overflowing with inspiration!


On a whim, I joined the 21 Secrets Workshops last year, and that was one of my first experiences with art journaling. I have been following your blog since then and I admire your work. I pre-ordered your book and I was so excited to receive it last week! Congratulations!


I did a pre-order at Amazon and just got mine. It is awesome, Dina. Thank you and congratulations!!!

Jodi H.

It's on the way from Amazon!


My copy arrived today and I gotta tell you it's fabulous. Great info that I haven't seen in any of the others out there. How to do art is less important than knowing the why. From beginners to more experienced artists need to have your book.

Congratulations, Dina. Be did a wonderful job!

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