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January 30, 2013


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Sue Roddis

Like the lizard effect:)


I love your lizard girl. The mosaic pattern is so great! Hope to be able to buy the stencil very soon.


I definitely think she is a sexy lizard lady! Maybe a poet, or a ballet dancer...

Michelle Mathey

She's fabulous!! LOVE her scales!

Linda K

ha! it does look like lizard scales :)

Sharon Gorberg

I'm not thinking lizard but since you mention it, you are in Az so it fits!

Dina I love your work and plan to meet you in MAy at Inky's in Westford Ma in May.


I just love your Art Journals, your use of stencils and color, your scribbles, and your faces. :)

I wanted to ask you if it is ok, for you, if I borrow this page for a lift challenge for the Swedish inspirational blog Me and my DT members will be using it as an inspiration, and create an Art Journal from that. Is that ok?


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