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January 09, 2013


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Wonderful! I absolutely love these ink sprays, so I have to ask, when are they available for purchase?

jenn shurkus

!!!!!!!! love this art journal page.. love the blues and sun motif.. but absolutely dieing over the white linen!!! :)

Kirsten Alicia

Oooh, they're so nice!! I love the new Dylusions colours, shall be asking nicely for them as a birthday gift.


will see you both this weekend. That white linen looks absolutely awesome.

Helen Lindfield

I can't wait to get my hands on these new colours, lucky you having Dyan to stay and play. Bet there's lots of laughter going on.

Barbara L

Both of you in the same place...and right here! What joy! Love the new sprays...and watching you two using them!

zinnia patch

Oh i'm in love with Dylusions!!!! i cannot wait to see the new colors and i just love to watch and listen to Dyan!!! what a great time you must be having! Love the art journal page and thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

Michelle Webb

Ooo you're gonna have a great time.

Dara Lynn

Saw the videos and already put hubs on alert...I need money! hahahaha!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you in Oklahoma Dina:) I know you are a fabulous hostie to our wonderfully, lovely Di.... have a wonderful time! After seeing her love for our infamous 32oz drinks in US ...I know she will want a repeat at the quick stop! :)

Nurse Ratchet

On my wish list!! Especially the new Inks...gotta have a set after all!!

Renee Zarate

Love what you did with the new sprays! Can't wait to see them and use them. You two look like you're having way too much fun, if that is possible.

sue schultheis

Have to have them all!!!

Linda Graves

Love the new ink sprays especially the white linen, what a great combo!

gemma maggs

I can't wait to get my hands on the new ink sprays they're just gorgeous. I love the backgrounds you have done and you are definitely right in saying that the white one will be everyone's favourite - the effects you can get with it are stunning. And to top it all off I'm lucky enough to be doing 3 of your workshops when you come to the UK with Dy in march - I'm so excited xx

Linda K

Oh how I wish I could see you two having fun and arting it up together!! LOVE the Dylusions products and have some stamps, stencils and most of the sprays!!! Those new colors are going to be a fabulous addition-can't wait!

Barbara Albrecht

OMG...what fun! Dyan in the house!! I wish I was a fly on the wall so I could watch all the marvelous craftiness going on. Just watched all of Dyan's sneak peaks and have to say...gotta get my hands on the new spray inks...especially the White Linen.

Can't wait to see what you've created for CHA! Safe travels my friend and have a GREAT show!!!

Mary Beth

OMG ... Can't wait! Just love the Dylusions (love the name of the line, also ... thanks, T!m)

Carol P

Looks interesting!!! I am on my way over to the Ranger site to see what's there. If you love them, I know I will too. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you post what you did for CHA after it is over for those of us pooooooooooor souls that don't get to attend. So item for my bucket attend a CHA show someday.

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