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January 17, 2013


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Jenn H

LOVE!!! All the designs are fabulous!!!

Connie B

That is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you, your livin' the dream :)


makes me want to write checks again!!
this is a fabulous idea!!!

Cim Allen

How cool is that ??? I love the designs :)

Kristie at Artful Adventures

Now that is a cool thing to do! Love 'em!


That is so cool - congratulations!

Pat Healey

Your new checks are amazing! They make it fun to spend money :-) Bill paying will never be the same...

Barbara Albrecht

So totally cool!! Congratulations! Sure do wish I hadn't just gotten my new order of checks....sigh.


these are fabulous dina, CONGRATS!! :) xo

Susie LaFond

OMG these are super, super cool. Well I am placing an order for mailing labels right now. Over the holidays I ran out of my own labels and as easy as it is to print my own, our old printer has been giving me issues with running anything but regular paper through it so I'm gonna order some of yours instead. Now my only problem is deciding on a design. You rock Dina!!!!

Carolyn Dube

Perfect timing Dina! My bank recently changed names and I was pouting that I had to buy new checks. Now I can be happy that I get to buy some very arty checks!


Yes! I need to order some too!!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

OMG those are awesome!!!!

Lori S.



My, oh my!!! They are the most beautiful cheques EVER!!!

Paige Evans

These are AWESOME!! We're moving this year so our address will change, but once we're settled wherever we're going I'm SO getting these!


you are amazing. that is all.

Account Deleted

Oh Dina! These checks are fabulous - love the birdy one especially. I can't wait to order new checks, checkbook, and address labels. Congrats ... Barb

Kathryn Harpold

Guess who just sat down at the computer to order checks, 'cause she's out?!!!


Stunning designs, nothing this beautiful ever seems to be introduced in the UK, the US is so fun xx


I don't ever use checks any more, but I'm going to order some and start!

zinnia patch

Hi Dina! love - love the checks.... You can count on me to be going to Check Advantage when my checks run out.... love all of them but am in love with the birds. I am working on a canvas of little birdies this morning after being inspired by your video on North your work and can't wait to get your book!!!!!

Winnie Dolderer

Dina: I knew I needed to get those birdie labels! I so enjoyed taking your class and actually walking away with a canvas that I love and could hang in my room (never thought it possible..) You are a fabulous teacher! I can't wait for the labels to arrive. Continued to success to you!

Carmen Tangherlini

These are awesome! Thanks for the free demo video "Artsy Painted Bird," enjoyed
and learned your terrific techniques.

Linda K

well how COOL are these!!!! Congrats Dina!
BTW, I just watched your video "Artsy painted bird technique" from chapter 8 of your book -awesome!!! So happy to know your bird technique's in the book-oh why can't I just blink the date to be mid Feb???

Roben-Marie Smith

This so awesome!! Congratulations!! :)

marci glenn

These are beautiful! Just so happens I need to order new checks! Squee....


Congratulations Dina! Can you leave a link on your blog so that when I need checks I will know where to look for them in the future!


i love HAPPY Art and these definitely qualify...if only I used checks!!! Just gorgeous

Jane Eileen Malone

I love these!

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