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December 17, 2012


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Marlene Moore

They look great, I am so happy that you designed this and cannot wait to get them :)


Dear Santa......I NEED these!
whoohoo these are so cool Dina x

emily pitts

Really fun Dina! I love how you turn lines into art!


Love these and can't wait to get my hands on them! They are really cool and I always wondered where you managed to find your images. Congratulations and they are way cool!!!

wendy vecchi


Audrey Meijs

Gorgeous! Love them!!


dina these are fabulous!

Camilla Olsson

LOVE THEM!!!!! Hope they get to sweden fast!

Barbara Albrecht

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations, Dina!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these beauties!!! When...and where will they be available to purchase?


oh my gosh love them , will have to have all of them. such a great idea .
Thank you

renee logan

fabulous!!! well done! thanks for sharing.

Linda K

Oh Dina these are FABULOUS!!! It's going to be VERY difficult waiting for their release-I love them!!

Angela Branon

Love these masks, Dina. Can't wait until they are available

Terrie -Creative Explorer

LOVE these and look forward to giving them a try.....

Stephanie W

Can't wait to get my hands on these!!!!


Thanks for this beautiful stencils. Your work ia again so gorgeous and I love it so much.
lovely greet

Ronda Palazzari

These Look AMAZING dina! Woo Hoo cannot wait to get my hands on these!


happy, happy, happy me! these are great and a must have ASAP!

Carolyn Dube

So you are trying to teach me patience...I want to buy these right now! I love love love these!

Renee Zarate

Love, love, love the silhouettes! Can't wait to see them IRL. Are you going to be at CHA, Dina?


These are so cool !!

kass hall

It's so ironic, I have often wondered HOW you did that. Now I know!!

Can't wait for these Dina, you continue to astound me with your fabulous ideas and how you make them into products we can all enjoy! xx

Joy Lowell

What a cool idea. I will be getting them as soon as they are available! Yipee!!!

from Florida


These are fantastic Dina! Congrats on your growing line!

Barbara L

I am so excited to see these are coming. Never soon enough though. Thank you, thank you!

Kory Michael Kight

These are great!!! And I'm glad that one of them looks a little bit like a guy!

I can't wait til you come back to OKC!




Disco Queen

Wow! I love your art journal pages, but have never attempted to create my own as I can't draw figures. I did go to evening classes to learn but ended up submitting abstract art as I just couldn't get the proportions right. These silhouettes are a dream come true. Thank you so much for creating them.

sue schultheis

How exciting Dina. I have been using Betty a lot since class at Queen's Ink. These stencil silhouettes are a fantastic idea. I will take one of each. Happy holidays to you and your family and hope to see you at Queenies again next year. Sue

Deb V in Manitoba

Oh my gosh....LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

Marjie Kemper

Fabaroonie! No more clipping magazines, sealing, etc.... thankyouverrrrrrrrrymuch!


These are amazing! I can't wait for them to come out. I will ask mt lss to order them. Grat job


Ha! I knew it!!! Can't wait to get these.

Robin Orewiler

Yippee!! I LOVE these and can't wait to get them too.

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