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October 24, 2012


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Susan Walls

Wow! You've been getting around! Hope you're back hasn't been bothering you. Good luck with even more traveling! Yay for art making!

Helen Lindfield

Wow,you've packed it in - what a great sounding trip.


I love the photos of you and your parents. So awesome. Makes me entirely happy! Also happy you have had some home time. I miss you lady!

Ally Nielsen

Being nosey here, I just had my aura read and photographed as well and was surprised by my color.
I'm apparently a yellow orange, which isnt the last color I would have picked, but definitely low on the totem pole.
Were you surprised as your color or did you feel like you matched?


Hi dear Dina...happy you enjoy goog time with your is so precious...rare moments...
I would like to have a class with you one day...who you come in the south of texas this winter?? I will be there from december to my son's place...for the moment, I will finish to teach my zumba class and belly dance here in canada and will teach there for winter texans...will be able to follow you more than now...bisous xxx

Winnie Dolderer

Wow! You are such a busy lady! Peru looks lovely. I bet you must enjoy getting to spend time with your folks. Mine aren't that far (4 hrs) and I miss them. Your fella's are also busy just like you. Enjoy the time, and save your miles for some fun trips!!


Nice lookin' parents... I can see where you get that sweet face! Good times... what more can you ask of life?! Glad you have had fun... now get to work! We need to see more art! Hee hee!


Looks like you have been having a LOT of fun! I just adore the photo of the marching band :-))

Susie LaFond

Loved all of this, thanks for sharing, and I thought I was busy whew girl, you really know how to fly and have fun!!!!! Still can't get over your guys, life rolling on and flying right before your eyes. Huggers from MN where it's raining and snowing at the same time.

Linda K

How wonderful that you can combine family time, travel and art at the same time-great photos!!


I love this peek into your life! And your cross country runner is so adorable!

Dara Lynn

Fresh air, good friends, watching the boys do their thang, and a trip to Peru with your fabulous parents? Wow!!! Doesn't compare to time at the VA Hospital with hubby and brother in law.....However...sitting in the studio on Saturday night watching football and creating... I'll take that!

Carol P

Sounds like you have been crazy busy. Glad you got to see you parents. It would be hard to be so far away from them. Hopefully things will slow down a little. Take care!

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