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August 30, 2012


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Carolyn Dube

These are stunning- so many layers that are clear and distinct that are interacting together (as opposed to muddy and with little detail)! Can't wait to see all you are making with the gelli plate! Out of the Journal to has been an absolute blast this month- looking forward to next year already! Thanks for inspiring me get my hands full of paint and ink this month.

Sue W.

I love all the depth and layers on these, Dina. I am NOT clicking the link for the Gelli plate! Nope, not gonna do it! Covering my ears and eyes and just singing lalalalalalala!!

Here's my final piece for the challenge. I sure didn't go with "less is more" this week!!


Great print! I didn't get around to making a canvas, but I did many more art pages than I have in a while.

Marjie Kemper

Gorgeous print! Loving all those super rich colors.


This is just brilliant. I am continuously impressed with how much texture you can squeeze into one space.


LOVE the prints. Could you share the paints and objects you used? I will need to break out mine. Enabler alert - Dick Blick sells them and you can use a coupon.....


Looks fabulous dina. Have so enjoyed out of the journal project and glad to hear you will be doing again next year. X


Love your final canvas Dina! I have not managed to create a canvas every week but here is one that I created yesterday in a class with Kaz Hall at Art from the Heart - just using dylusions inks and gesso.


Wow! Gorgeous printing. *sigh* Why do you always make me feel like going out and spending money?!!!!! I NEED a gelli plate!

Linda K

My my my-just look at all I've missed!!! I've got alot of catching up to do! (Summer and vacation will do that to me :) So glad I caught this and am able to link up to your last challenge. I LOVE your prints!! I've been seeing and hearing so much about the gelli plate-I KNOW one day I'll own one!

Here's the link to my 5 x 7 canvas.

Camilla Olsson

I so so love this print and this challange. I thougt I would do so many but things got in my way. But for the last week, I made one! :) You´ll find it here


Love the colors in your print. Here's the link to my 12 x 12 canvas.
Thank you for the inspiration this month and always.


These prints are SO GORGEOUS, such wonderful vibrant colours, yummmmmmy!! I have just had a Gelli plate delivered but haven't yet opened up the packaging - you've inspired me to get on with it!! Thank you so much for hosting Out of the Journal, it's been such fun.

My canvas is here;


Laura Spano

Now that looks like nothing but pure, unadulturated FUN! the colors....the shapes.... so much happiness here! Here's my final canvas. thank you so much for hosting. This is pretty much all I did all month and it has made me feel so good that I was able to accomplish it!

Carol P

I just love the colors in this piece! I would like to know how this Gelli plate works...will have to do some research. Thanks for sharing. Here is my link to the Out of the Journal canvas. Hope I am giving you the right information?

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