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August 14, 2012


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Carolyn Dube

I selfishly want you to go. Why? Because you are sharing your journey so generously on this blog. Seeing your process helps me explore my own process. You were the person who really introduced me to mixed media and art jouranling with your classes at Get It Scrapped. We're about to see a limb for kid #1 to go to college next year so I totally understand (and wish I had no clue about that because it would mean the kid had a full scholarship...).


Love the movement in this piece. X

Carol P

This is a great piece. I love the colors and the playfulness of it. Great job!


Wow, that's gorgeous! Can you tell us about how you made it? Like, what supplies you used and what techniques. It's amazing! I love that green popping off the white background.

Marjie Kemper

Yummy! So many gorgeous colors and shapes... your works makes me happy. Wish you could have that time but not right now, eh? I have two of those fellas (one in middle, one in high) and know what you mean.

Laura Spano

I adore pink and green together. And I love the journaling along the stem and leaves.


Oh Dina, you really deserve to go! It's not that expensive in the big scheme of things. And everyone I know who has done An Artful Journey retreat has loved it! I've only done their one-day classes, and they were great.
Think of it as an investment in yourself and your art business.

Carol P

You definitely should go to this retreat! Wouldn't it make a nice gift from hubby for Christmas? I would love to see what you would do with the techniques you would learn and enhance. Go for it!

Marla M

I agree with Carol! Go to the retreat then when you come back to Indiana next year you can teach the technique to us! Ha! Just a thought!!

donna louise rodgres

it is much less expensive in the UK but it has cost us significant cash to educate our sons, I have not done half the art I wanted to because of budgeting, but EVERY term I do my Life Classes and I am taught by an MA, and it is worth every penny, my art keep developing

maybe you can save the cash somewhere else so you can do classes?

Just because you love learning ( most important thing to inspire in a child or adult) and find it fun does not mean it is isn't 'worthy', but I do realise it could be unaffordable during the offsprings undergrad years!

when you are the proud mom of a graduate the sacrifices will be worth it. And you will have many more years to do is a lifetimes preoccupation....not sure how I seem to have missed
out of the journal weeks 3, 4 and 5... will try to 'catch up'

karen zaller

Remember that an investment in yourself is an investment for your health and happiness. Which in turn directly impacts your intire life and go for it kiddo!

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