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June 20, 2012


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Lisa M. Pace

YAY... will have to stop by the booth for sure. Congrats!!!

Carolyn Dube

These are sooo sooo sooo on my want list!


Yea! But I'm still trying to catch up with the new designs from the last CHA show. You can never have too many stencils, lol

ellen vargo

Gorgeous! Love them all - congratulations!


You need to bring us some in July!!!! LOL!! NO SERIOUSLY!!!!


Those are cool! Wish I could go to that show!


Ooh! I loves them! Thinking CHA might be a little dangerous for my wallet (again!)


Congratulations. They look great!


Yay congrats to u. Will def be buying them xx


Very nice indeed, i best start saving some pennies


Oh my gosh - I love the birds!
Are they plastic?

Kathryn in Benicia by the Bay

Nicely done!

carole Chisholm

Yummy! Hope we get them in UK soon too! xx

Carol P

Ooooooh ahhhhhhhh! These are a must have! Love them all. Thanks for sharing...will be watching for them. Won't be there :^( but I am sure it is a blast, have fun!

Disco Queen

I want these. No, I need these stencils. They are all so versatile. The birds are my favourite as I just haven't seen a stencil anything like it. It is so unique.


Love these!!!!

Cheli Ruth

Nice! Can't wait til they are in stores.
See you on Friday at Whims


Oh, great! I can picture wonderful backgrounds...


I like!! Congrats!

Michelle Webb

Oh I really wish I was at CHA! Cool that you brought out stencils, hopefully they'll be winging there way to AFTH soon so I can get my hands on some. Michelle x

Marjie Kemper

Congratulations, Dina! Love that mix of letters and numbers, and the one that looks like bubble wrap is fantastic.



Barbara Albrecht

Congratulations, Dina!! Love the birdies!! Do you know when these will all be available?


Yes, I will stop by and say hello -- will you be there the entire time? I am loving these designs.

surf vacations

Those are cool! Wish I could go to that show!

Pat Healey

They are awesome! Can't wait until they are for sale to the rest of us :-)

jane w. the new stencils and cant wait to see you at CHA. :)

jen matott

I'll be there and definately NEED each and every one of those!!! You are amazing!!!

Jenny Lee

love the blobby circles! these are super cute!

Ronda Palazzari

So very excited for you Dina! Cannot wait to get my hands on them!

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