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June 05, 2012


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Shannon Baker

Great pictures of the boys! Looks like an amazing place!


Dina...will you be offering a Kindle version?

Joy Lowell


What a great trip for you and your family!

I am looking forward to your "Facing the Facts" and "Intro to Art Journaling" classes at Whim So Doodle."

And thank you for everything you share in your blog.

P.S. also I just ordered your book on Amazon-- no pressure : )


I think there will be a Kindle version! :)



Simply amazing! The trip and your upcoming book.


Oh my goodness, your fellas are getting to be so grown up! I saw Curt recently, but wow on the height of Cole and Carter! Eeeks, Dina, they are so handsome!!!


Waouh! Going to work and pre-ordering your book as soon as I am back. Love the pictures of your traveling boys!

Briana Johnson

Woohoo, Yeah, Dina!! Congrats! ANd I would love to see more of your vacation pics when you get some extra time! Those pics you;ve shown are amazing.

Clare H

Already pre ordered your book! Always wanted to go to machu picchu!

Larissa Albernaz

Dina - I love meeting you! I´ll be the first Brazilian to pre-order your book (and will spread the great news) because now that I finally meet you I have no doubts that you´re one of the bests inspiratons an artist could have! Thank you so much for coming to my country and city - we really were very honored to have you and your simplicity among us!!! Hope everything went right and hope to see you again someday...
Love, Lari

Carol P

My book is on order and it looks fabulous!!!! Looks like you saw some beautiful sites. How great that you were able to meet up with your family to share special memories. Take a deep breath...


I am so excited for you! The cover looks gorgeous and I can't wait. Big hug congratulations! You deserve it. :)


Wow. Preorder is one thing but next year? Eight months away??!!! oh silly silly don't need to make us mad or worry about people wanting this book and teasing us for 8 freakin' months!! Good grief!! The cover alone makes me drool!!

Michelle Webb

I can't wait to get my hands on one of your books, but alas not until next year! Great holiday pics, such handsome boys you have. I've always wanted to go there. Michelle xx

lisa mitchell

Oh my, your boys are so grown and handsome! And those photos, I am sure don't do the place justice.
What a wonderful experience for you and your family :)

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