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February 21, 2012


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Anne Essex

Wow, that is a lot of journal pages. Love your creative warm up idea.

Anne x


OMG look at those piles :-0 That's serious business :-D xoxo


I just that journals for one year? LOL
Anyway, just keep up doing what you do - I just love it!

barb Charon

Holy Busy Batman! What I would give to be a fly on the wall :)


Oooh! So many journals! Love it!


Look at all your journals would love to sit down with a jar of coffee and have a leisurely look at your creativity .....all looks fab ..... Been a bit rubbish have you had some new releases on your stamps if so where can I view them ...thanks x

Helen Lindfield

What an amazing collection! I've been loving using your stamps lately in my own journal!


So many journals, Oh yes-it would be fun to see all the beautiful pages you've done.

Carol P

Wow, looks like you have been busy! Would love to go to your library and sit for a day just to bask in the beauty of your journals. Now that would be a great library and a great day.
Giveaway!!! My ears just grew a few inches. I will be watching for this because I love your stamps and have only been able to get 2 for myself so far...but I do have plans for more. Hope that book is coming along good and you get to catch your breath soon. Have a great evening. Thanks for all you do to inspire us.


Oh my!! How wonderful would it be to peruse through all those journals!

Marjie Kemper

Beautiful pics! Would love to peek at all those gorgeous pages.


Wow! All your art journals stacked up looks like - art !

Lauren E

I'm sure you've answered this somewhere before, but I can't seem to figure it out. What type of books do you typically work in? I saw video of you from CHA working in what appeared to be a bound hard cover book, and I just wondered what it might have been. Thanks!


Howdy...I work in all types of books, my favorite are books that have
watercolor paper in them.

This link will tell you a bit more about journals I use:



Cath S

God but those piles look so inviting - just pull up a chair and rifle through....

Cim Allen

Oooooo, the inspiration I could find in those stacks !! I could look for days. Have a great day Dina.

Kelly Turner

What a beautiful sight! Inspirational. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your art-ing!
Such a gift, you are! Thank you.

Linda K

wow-that's some collection!! what fun it would be to grab a cuppa and a chair and peruse the day away!

jenn shurkus

that pile of journals is the yummiest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!

Rhoda Borombozin

Those piles are teasers, to be sure! Yesterday was my birthday...hint, hint, hint.....


oh, i'd so love to get my hands on your stamps! they're so awesome!

Pam Baranski


You inspire me! I am an avid scrapbooker and card maker. Recently I have been doing research on Art Journaling. I love the "everything goes" concept, it is much more artistic than some of my scrapbooking styles. But I love it! I have been watching your tutorials online and soaking up as much technique as possible to expand my portfolio. And I am officially addicted to stamps & stencils. I want to not only create art journals now but I am looking at ways to incorporate your techniques into my scrapbooks and cards. The wilder the better. Thank you so much for sharing your talents! I love your use of bold colors and variety of product. Your work makes a bold statement. Keep the inspiration coming. Love it!!! P.S. I would love to win some of your stamps too!

Terri Smith

The pictures of works of art in and of themselves. What wonderful texture, color etc.
Geez and I didn't even get a look inside all of them LOL.

Audrey Hight

I wish I could lounge in a comfy chair and take each of those journals out and pour over your pages, looking for inspiration!

Valerie Serfozo

So much wonderful goodness! Great eye candy even if I can't see the inside.

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