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September 11, 2008


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does the kit come with a drool bib?
how's your back?

love the teaser.
you da woman.

Kristine Sherman

Oh there is too much good stuff is here

Cindy (Junque Art)

Oh I love what your created with the kit! I met KL and Gigi at Silver Bella last year and I'm so excited about KL's venture! Can't wait to see what all you great gals come up with!


me me me me me!!!! LOL..I so want that scenic route paper. Come see my blog

Sharyn (Torm)

I couldn't resist - Scenic Route is my favorite paper line. :)

Heather Prins

I posted here

love your project can't wait to see more!!


Saw this on Torm's blog. Love her stories so to win "this contest" i will tell you my story.
I grew up in Michigan in a cul-de-sac. What a great place that circle. We used to do everything there..kickball, kick the can, ghost in the graveyard. I remember riding my bike around the circle and it was the VERY first time I used a swear-word, on purpose. I was waititng to see what was going to happen to me....lightening strike, rain, wind a sign from God. Imagine my disapointment when I got nothin!! :)


WOW! I had no idea this was out there! I'm so bummed that I missed the pre-sale.

I so wanna see more of what you created! That peek is awesome!

Shaun Paddock

I grew up at 317 E. 550 North, Bountiful Utah 84010. Our phone number was 295-4495. I cannot beleive that I can remember that. We had a great neighborhood, lots of kids, nice people. We would play hide and seek, kick the can, red rover, red rover and other games late into the evening. That all stopped when Ted Bundy kidnapped my brother's girlfriend and we could no longer be out after dark.
My favorite memory was every Christmas morning my best friend Heidi Hatch and I would meet half way between our houses and one year go to her house and the next mine. We would check out each others presents which amazingly were almost always the same. We still call each other on Christmas morning, 40 years later.
I will try to post something on my blog; just had surgery and I will need a nap first.
Happy I found your blog thanks to Torm.
Have a groovy day!
ps: for the scenic route giveaway.

Dale Anne

I grew up on a farm, so we played on the whole farm.
I posted some oldy but goodie photos on my blog:

I LOVE Scenic Route!!!


I saw this on Torm's blog also. Since I don't have a blog, I hope writing my story here is good enough! I grew up on my grandparents house, which we moved to when my dad retired from the Air Force after my grandmother passed away. Elsmere was a great street for kids...big front and back yards, not a lot of traffic, all the neighbors had lived there for years so everyone knew everyone. The other girls on our street were several years older so I played with my brothers and the other boys in the neighborhood. We rode our bikes up and down the street, in and out of neighbors' driveways, played football in our front yard and tennis in the street, built a tree house in another neighbor's tree, played war and house in the bushes along the front wall, sat out on our front steps in the evenings and chatted with neighbors out for an evening walk. We'd spend the summer days and weekends visiting back and forth with our friends. It wasn't unusual for us to be gone most of the day...coming home just for meals and then taking off again. We had a very tall magnolia tree that everyone was almost a right of passage to see how high you could go. My mother frequently had to rescue the younger kids who'd get too scared to come down. Having a mother who climbed trees was very cool! I have so many wonderful memories of living on Elsmere and was sad to leave it when we moved in 1971. My siblings and I often reminisce about living on Elsmere and have talked about one of us someday buying back the old house. Whenever we are in the area, we make a point of driving down "our" street, calling out the neighbors' names as we pass their houses...some of them still live on Elsmere! "Our" house is green now, instead of the yellow my mom had chosen, and the magnolia tree had to be taken down when it became diseased but, otherwise, it's still the same street.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


ooo, that peek at the project kit looks FAB!!


Melanie S.

Here's my story:Well this is where I grow up on a road called Oak Lane. I was the only girl among many boys. I enjoyed playing with them. We played cops and robbers, building tree forts, riding bikes, stay outside way past midnight, walk on the railroad tracks and all the stuff boys did and years after this I started to 'like" one of the boys and soon (around age 13) started hanging out with just him. We would watch tv, walk up the road holding hands (but stop when we got in front of my house so my parents wouldn't see). We remained friends for years and after starting high school we stopped hanging out with each other and then life happened I grew up and moved away. I still see him time to time.

and I posted it at Willow Traders and mentioned the new kit club!

Kristie D.

Hi!!! I would love to have a chance at this.. SR is one of my faves as well.. Thanks so much for doing this for us!!! Here is my link to my blog.. Thanks again!


Hi Dina!!
I have written a story about my street over at my blog! And some about you girls at Kenner Road:)
Can't wait until Revealnight:)



This is a link to my blog:

Inge Guillaume

Here is my story:


Oh my goodness, don't know where to start. I'm 45 years old and have probably lived in about 25 different houses growing up! My Dad worked in the farming industry and we moved nearly every year. We lived in New Zealand, twice, and all over England until I came back to Norfolk where we live now in 1986 and have only moved twice since then!! I must get the names of all of the places and dates from my Mum and do a layout one of these days.


Oh my goodness, don't know where to start. I'm 45 years old and have probably lived in about 25 different houses growing up! My Dad worked in the farming industry and we moved nearly every year. We lived in New Zealand, twice, and all over England until I came back to Norfolk where we live now in 1986 and have only moved twice since then!! I must get the names of all of the places and dates from my Mum and do a layout one of these days.


Here's my post about my childhood street.

Amber C

Ooo I love your sneak peak! Here is a link to my blog.

Lisa J.

Can I just say yummy sneak. I posted on my blog!!! Boy did this revive some sweet memories! Thanks!


here's my story about Florida Avenue.

Diana    aka gofordiana

We lived in several places but just today I was thinking of the apartment on Hawthorne St. It was a six apartment building kinda C shaped with three apartments on each side. We moved from there when I was 6 or 7 but I remember so much it always cracks my Mother up. One of my favorite things was our landlord. Her name was Mrs. Rice. I think she was a widow. and she was sooooooo nice to my sister and me. She used to have us over for tea and we would bring our dolls. She was so sweet and indulgent. She loved to watch us play. I don't know if she had grown children or not. Her hair was pure white, so I imagine she was older. I remember her sitting on the back steps watching us jump rope and clapping along with our little jumping songs. She was really a good woman!

angie b.

DINA!! holy moly. my first time here on your blog. wth is up with that. :0
gorgeous sneekie peak. can't wait to see all of it! 2 MORE DAYS!!

and i 'spose since i'm here, i oughta tell you what street i grew up on for a chance at the beautimous scenic route. ;)
i grew up on Taylor Street, just south of 24th & Roosevelt, back when it was, *ahem*, safe. it was a tiny 3 bedroom house that held my parents, my grandmother, my 3 sisters, my brother & myself. in all of my memories of it though, it seemed like a castle. i remember playing "obstacle course" in the front yard, hide & seek in a big barrel table that sat in our front yard, eating figs from our big fig tree, running after my big sister (i'm the youngest of 6) as she went across the street to play with her friends and her yelling at me to go home, going over to the apartments next door to visit the sweetest lady, who's name i cannot remember, but she always gave me cookies. i remember walking to a little church on the corner with my grandma on sundays and walking to the Kmart on 16th St to visit my mom, who was working there at the time. i remember waiting at the bus stop on the corner for kindergarten (which i had to run after my sisters to because they were mean and left me behind!. we moved shortly after that to the house my parents are still living in now. the freeway now runs through that neighborhood. *sigh*
thanks for making me remember all of that... and for making me realize how old i really am. ;P xoxoxo
hope to see you next sat.! :)

Amber Scurlock

Love the sneak peek, so pretty! Excited to see the debut!!

Here's my blog post - - thanks! =)


yummy goodness! All the red is making me salivate! As I told on the blog, I don't really remember many of the street names I lived on since we were military brats and moved a lot...but I did add a little more on my blog:

jen harrison

Here is mine :)


I discovered your blog from Doris' link for the Jenni Bowlin sneak for her Sept. kit, and now I'm so excited to see what this Kenner Road thing is. I LOVE kits, and the sneaks from this one look amazing! My story about Poplar Street is on my blog with a handy little mention of your contest to get my name in the hat twice! :) I'm a sucker for a prize!

Marie Ramirez

Ok did mine!!! YAY!

It is the very first post on my blog


Laura Stewart

here is mine from the other blogs -

Honestly, one of my fondest memories is when we lived in gov't housing and the neighborhood kids tried to teach me how to break dance on cardboard boxes when break dancing first came out and was popular back in the 80's. I might have to make a page about that!


i may be too late here, but i'm happy to tell the story anyway. i grew up on Josephine Avenue. i walked to school, walked to the library, rode my bike for hours, and played tennis in the driveway against the side of our house. it was a great place to grow up and i couldn't wait to leave. i'm close enough to drive through once in a while and show the littles.
so excited for the new club! thanks.

Lilla katt

I'm living at the same street as I was born on. A lovley little street in Malmoe, Sweden. In a red brick-house, but i don't know the neighbours, I dont likethem so very much! ;D
I hoooope I'll win, the Sonoma-line is so ME!

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